Corinthian Catastrophe

When a congregation has at least fourteen major problems, you can be certain that there are other problems “hidden” in a closet that have not been disclosed.  Given the ways disgruntled individuals begin digging in dirt and make mountains out of molehills, you can believe that even the smallest disagreement can be maximized.

Much is being said about spiritual problems at Corinth, and they had not made an effort to correct them, or they had decided that they had a solidified opinion that was in need of attention, even if it was actually trivial.

The Apostle issues a challenge that is definitely in keeping with the way that God would have us deal with any issue that leads to disagreement or argumentative brothers. Naturally, the apostle reminds them of the source for solving the problem.  First, let us consider if there is justification for the item to be discussed.  Perhaps those pushing the problem may be having their own problems, and love and understanding may be a solution without others being considered.

The next item of thought should be to search the Scriptures together.  If the problem has a direct answer, deal with it accordingly.  Allow those involved to share why it needs attention, and which portions of Scripture are applicable.

After following Biblical principles, as was the significant outline presented in Matthew 18 which leads on to FORGIVENESS, be sure to demonstrate forgiveness.  After all, believers are going to spend eternity together.  Would it not be ridiculous to have the Lord say: “I forgave both of you and you still have not forgiven each the other.”  Forgiveness as depicted clearly in Scripture should not be conditional on the “I forgave you, now it is your turn!”  Remember: “As He forgave you!!!”

In 1 Corinthians 2, in particular, we have much said about the Holy Spirit’s leadership in contrast to the worldly way of forgiveness.  A Christian following the principles of Christ-likeness as outlined in this portion of the Word of God allows The Holy Spirit to direct his activity as over against the natural (unregenerate) man.

A reminder can be beneficial to all of us: “For we are God’s fellow workers; you are God’s field, God’s building.” (1 Corinthians 3:9)  If agreeable to all of us, let us be punctilious!


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