On one of my trips to Bermuda, I decided to visit the old Lighthouse where my father had been a keeper for many years, and other members of our extended family had also been keepers at other periods.

I climbed the 185 steps with my good friend Joel, and we shared many stories as we moved inside initially, and then went out on the veranda and shared more experiences as we viewed the island.  One has an unhindered view from that “perch”, 145 feet in the air.  You can see approximately two thirds of the island from that viewpoint.  My Father could tell a story and keep tourists enamored much longer then they had intended to stay up there.

When we got back down, the keeper that day said “Ted!  I have something special for you.”  He handed me a post-card that a photographer had taken one night.  The lens for the light weighed almost two tons, and you can turn it with one finger. The photographer had established his camera in a position that enabled him to get all five beams from the light in one shot.  It was magnificent!  Almost impossible!

As I was reading from Mark 4, I found myself drifting back to the old home, joined at the bottom of the lighthouse.  I have been back frequently, and always my mind is drifting in and out of many memories.

I should mention that Mark obviously did not write long dissertations.  He was very pointed.  His first observation is clear, that is, you do not put it under a bed or in a basket.  It is to give light, and that is why it is to be put on a lamp stand.

There is the realization that it is to “give light”.  You do not put it in a hiding place; rather you put it where everything within its potential range can be illuminated.  That was a pleasure to make – a standing lamp!

Jesus, at one point in this portion of Scripture reminds them / and us, that we should, make use of every opportunity to be a beacon of hope to a world in need of the Savior.  As the kids sing so often, “Let your light shine”; let your light shine forth for Jesus!

A reminder to all of us…  All shall be exposed in eternity future… Does it challenge us?


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