The sign appeared hundreds of times during the three weeks that we spent traveling to the East Coast and returning home.  On numerous occasions there were additional signs: “Fines are doubled when workers present”  “Be careful!  My daddy is working up ahead” “Speed Limit Reduced” “One Lane…No Passing”.  The last person I would envy, work-wise, is the guy or gal who works out there on these roads.  It is close to suicidal.

Because we have constant construction in our area, no matter the time of the year, I realized that many of the places we visited had to put their construction programs in high gear during the summer months.  Also, a lot of what was called construction was probably repairs.  A few hard bumps confirmed that they had not successfully gotten everything, and maybe a few more signs and equipment were needed.

A thought has been floating in my brain.  The road to revival needs considerable repair.  It is not a new thought.  Goodness, it was a problem when John was writing to the seven churches of Asia in Revelation 2 and 3.  The Road to the “tree of life which is in the Paradise of God” (2:7) would come when the church remembered from where they had strayed, repented and start to do afresh the deeds that they had done when they first put their trust in Jesus Christ. 

We have Power Points in the sermons, we have Power for our Air Conditioning, we have power in our P/A Systems, and the list goes on, but where is the Power of the Holy Spirit in the lives of our members, our pulpits or the pews?  The haunting statement of Paul in the Book of Ephesians: “Be filled with the Spirit” (5:18) was an indictment then and continues to be an indication that the road to revival needs repair.

It was refreshing to go through Ephesians and note the times the Word “fullness” appeared.  The “fullness of God” filling the life of the believer is suggested throughout the Book.  However, we need reviving!  This is not something we can work up; it is something that needs to be sent down.  Such an unleashing of the Power of the Holy Spirit will come only as we Practice the Presence of God every moment of every day.  There are no short cuts to such an outpouring.  Acts 1:8 is just as true today as it was then. Let’s stop playing church and be satisfied with nothing less than every road being reconstructed, every bridge repaired, every tunnel refurbished. 

It is a big order, but we have a great God.  If those reading this article keep the road under Construction, our fellow travelers will join suit?

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