It is not often that we turn on the news only to be told that another “shooting” has taken place and numbers of people have been killed.  Usually there seems to be the addition: “Of them are children!”  What a tragedy!

Another addition often finds something to the effect that the gunman had no previous association with those he (And it is more so men) shot.  Much of it has to do with mental incapacity; but still there are those who just plain “hate” others.

Then we have people who associate groups of people with those that they have come to hate.  That hatred builds until it explodes.  It should have been spotted and dealt with in the early stages of an individual’s life.  However, those who have been aware of the problem or problems, fear bringing it forward to responsible individuals, (Parents or professionals) because homes are riddled with other problems, and often there is either the inability or willingness to deal with the problem.

Then, there is the Television that shows problems being solved with guns, divorce or sex.  The average parent is not aware of what their children are being exposed to.  Besides, many of them are too exhausted from work schedules to spot the direction to which their children are headed.   The problems just keep seeping into our society like race horses on a track and this has been going on for so long that they are now probably immature adults.

I leave with you only one verse from God’s Word:

“Behold, children are a gift of the Lord, the fruit

Of the womb is a reward.”  (Psalm 127:3)


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