We cannot help but be fascinated each time we see rainbow.  Of course, the double rainbow seems even more spectacular, and will cause us to stop to re-examine the beauty of a rainbow.

From the simple little rhyme, “Rainbow in the morning, sailor take warning; rainbow at night, sailor’s delight”, to the little thought that “at the end of every rainbow is a pot of gold”, we note the attention the rainbow draws to itself.

A more beautiful setting for a rainbow has never been found than over the Copper River Basin (Alaska) in the fall.  Yet, the complete circle of the rainbow, when viewed from an airplane is breathtaking.

All of this leads me to comment concerning that rainbow of promise recorded in Genesis 9:13.  After the destruction of the world by the flood, God used the rainbow to be the seal of a covenant between God and all flesh upon the earth.  God would never again destroy the earth in that fashion.  As proof of the promise, He said that each time He sees it (Genesis 9:16), He will be reminded of that promise.  It is great to view a rainbow, but it is more comforting to know that God views it.  To realize that this particular covenant is a perpetual covenant, with no strings attached, is indeed stimulating.

Because of the earth’s ability to restore and regenerate itself following the flood, and because in the process sin would again be dominant and rampant as in this day, God has declared that the final judgment will be that of fire. (2 Peter 3:7)  Then God will make all things over.  A new man, sin-free, will live in a new world — Heaven — created anew by our God.

A remarkable promise… that bow in the sky.  Nevertheless, it constitutes an accountability on the part of God to man and man to God. (Revelation 4:3)

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