When reading the history of Israel leaving Egypt and heading for the “Promised Land”, you cannot help but notice that in spite of the miracles God performed on their behalf, they were one disgruntled nation.  I have never counted all the recorded times they “murmured” or “complained” as they made their way toward what God had promised.  Someone said that if they had worked they would not have had time to murmur.  That is reasonable in one way, but you try camping out under the circumstances they experienced, and see if you could be radiant day after day.  We drove from upstate New York and tented all the way to Alaska, putting the tent up and taking it down every day—in the rain!

There are some things we should note about these “murmuring” individuals.  They were instructed to be involved in building the Tabernacle only if they had a “willing heart” – verses 5,21,22, Fitted for the work – verses 10,25,31,34,35, Fired for the work – verses 21,26.  Mentally, spiritually, committed!

Another observation is the must have-willing hearts – verses 5,22,29 Wise hearts – verses 10,25,35, Stirred hearts – verses 22,26, Teachable hearts – verse 34.

In the next chapter there are the specifics of who is responsible for which part of the Tabernacle.  The requirements of the “trained” individuals are emphasized.  The Temple was not “managed” by people who just thought they were qualified.  God, in His providence gives individuals abilities, those abilities should be trained to maximum so that they can be used to maximum for the work of the Lord.  We meander through the New Testament and discover that we all have these “gifts” from God.  I have also noticed over the years that certain individuals think that they have gifts which they do not have, and they create dissension in the ranks.  The Apostle speaks to this in detail in 1 Corinthians 12, as well as in other places.  

Much is required for the service of Christ.  Let us be certain that we prepare ourselves in order that all things are done orderly for the Lord!


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