As I started my computer, I noticed immediately that our daughter had used it and had entered a whole new Screen Saver.  The pictures were reflective in nature; photos that are truly calming.  I love them!  The photographer had waited for that “magic moment” to capture the ones I was enjoying.  He did not need to tell me the details involved, the pictures said it all.

I do not know the photographer, but I can almost tell what type of an individual he is by the effort that went into procuring that moment of which I speak.  He may have taken numerous shots; he might be like me and hope that the one I took will be satisfactory.  By the way Mark, I love to study those shots.

My father was a hard working man. He seemed to have energy to keep on the move from early morn to evening.  Somehow, he found time to have some relaxation by sitting and viewing the Bermuda scenery in the evening, and smoking his pipe (Granger Tobacco) from the patio; or if working at the Gibbs Hill Lighthouse, from the veranda, 136 feet up!

All of us need time to enjoy relaxation through reflection.  What have I done to better mankind, my family, my friends, even those unruly rascals who disrupt society on a regular basis?

Most of all there was the need to use those reflective moments to pray for those who I find so obnoxious.  We do not know what may be taking place in their lives and as a result has led them on a self-destructive path.

In reviewing the serenity of those photographs, I would suspect that, like me, we find relaxation.  We find preparation for tomorrow!  We find that inner peace that God alone can give.  We have become enabled to help others who are undergoing many of the tragedies that befall humanity.  We find little time to feel sorry for ourselves.

Years ago, we explored a little church in up-state New York, wondering if God would have us minister there.  To this day I can still remember many details about that church, its people, the lake in front of it, the peace and serenity that filled our hearts… and yet the assurance that God gave us that it was not where He wanted us.  Instead, He sent us to Alaska where we found peace, in spite of its ruggedness!

With every move, we went to the Lord in prayer and reflected on all the pros and cons, and only after much reflection made our move.  I can hear my beloved wife saying: “We do nothing until we have prayed and experience PEACE.”                                                                                                                                                   

Reflect; and after all the details are considered, then and only then, make a decision.  As mentioned previously, I find relaxation in reflection in the viewing of my screen saver, and more-so in reflection upon the Word of God when confronting formative decisions, or unreasonable opposition from the devil or his cohorts!


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