Glimpses of the past, present and future loom into the mind of the Psalmist as he writes this hymn of praise.  He has not had the support of others, but he has the support of the Lord.  In recognizing that support he quickly refers to his intention to manifest “with all my heart” and to do so “in the company of the assembly” and the presence, or “company” of the “upright”.

When we experience the belittling of people, the “company of the upright”, we can either allow response in cringing fashion, or we can assure one and all that we have experienced the forgiveness of the Lord, and proceed to “move on” in that mode.  There is no need to “crucify” ourselves, but rather to demonstrate that God has forgiven and hence it is our intention to follow Him more faithfully.

The basis of this attitude is to review, not our past, but the facts concerning who He is and His character in totality.  Great is His works and to study them is in itself to “delight” in HIM!  They are “majestic” and they bespeak His “righteousness” that “endures forever”.   Wow!  That in itself should be worthy of continual thought of who He is, and what He has done and is doing on our behalf!

Think of  how “He has given food, He has covenanted with us, (forever) – He has worked on our behalf – truth and justice have come from Him – His precepts are sure , redemption, Holy and awesome is His name.”

Then comes that thunderous concentration in verse 10 of Psalm 111:  “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom; good understanding have all those who do His commandments; His praise endures forever.” It is not ours to allow anything of the past to hinder our walk or talk!  The love of our Lord, manifested in all these areas, gives cause to arise at the greatness of our God toward us and others who will pursue HIM!  Digest these and you will be devoid of indigestion.

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