Does it not embrace the beauty of adoration?

With a hand clasped to her mouth, the youngster echoed what she had heard and memorized – “O My God!”  I have no idea if anyone was as astounded as I, but immediately “dear old Ted” was desirous of offering some explanatory information to the youngster about the Lord.  However, I realized that this was not the time or place.

When the Psalmist wrote the words of Psalm 145, his opening remarks: “I will extol You, my God, O King, and I will bless Your Name forever and ever.  Every day I will bless You, and I will praise Your name forever and ever”; he could hardly contain his excitement about the relationship that they enjoyed.  Somewhere along life’s journey He had recognized that God existed and that he needed to reciprocate the evidence of that relationship!  The words just blurted out as the thought traversed his thinking.

Think with me of the Psalmist using the word “extol”.  Does it not embrace the beauty of adoration?  We certainly use it when our/your grand-child comes out looking like a “princess”, carries herself like a “princess”, and even says: “I am a princess”.  Let’s face it, at that moment we exclaim: “Isn’t she ADORABLE!”

How often do we give unadulterated expressions concerning our God and Savior Jesus Christ?  We even carry pictures in our wallets, or on our cell-phones for the purpose of disclosing to others what, when or how certain things transpired.  There is an element of praise, and maybe even the element of pride.  (The Lord forgive us!)

The Psalmist displays the devoutness and adoration he has acquired in his relationship to his Lord!  No day should be allowed to pass without his exalting before others the Christ that he adores.  He adds that thought of “every day “will he exalt the Lord, “forever and ever”.

What a commitment!  Do we get embarrassed to do this, or do we look for “an open door”, as I call it, a springboard?


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