Corrupt thinking will allow for corrupt action which God judged in the long run.

When Abraham left Ur of the Chaldeans, he took Lot with him.  He came to Haran and there they took up residence.  However, God blessed them so richly that they moved on to Shechem, and when there was famine they moved back to Negev.  With each move, Abraham took Lot with him, along with Lot’s problems.

After their move to the Negev, Lot saw to it that he would follow his old paths and ended in Sodom, one of the most corrupt locations possible.  When God dealt with Sodom’s sin and destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah, Lot moved to a cave in the mountains with his two remaining daughters.  With the obvious corruption in Sodom, and its influence, there was the action that led to Sodomite thinking. (We may give it new names that Webster’s Dictionary has to deal with eventually.)

Here we are made aware of all the ands, ifs and buts as the daughters develop their plans to inebriate Lot and guarantee the retention of their family heritage.  (For the full story read Genesis 12-19)  Their plan was to get Lot drunk and have him produce children through them.  Corrupt thinking will allow for corrupt action which God judged in the long run.  (You cannot out guess God.  Both tribes were gradually eradicated.)

In giving thought to this entire record, we have to conclude that Abraham made his major error in taking Lot with him from Ur of the Chaldees.  While he thought to help and encourage him, it became one “bail-out” after the other.  Obviously, God allowed Lot to enjoy the benefits of Abraham up to a point and then HE, God, tolerated it no longer.

If your thinking through this “history lesson” is anything close to mine, you have to observe the ill effects of alcohol and sex, which the world has accepted, are not tolerated by the Almighty!  We also must conclude that it is apparent that we are close to the time when the sickle will be applied to the harvest. 

Either we observe and adhere to the lessons of Holy Writ, the Bible, or God will allow corrupt thinking only so long before He steps in and reminds us that this is the end and only subservience to HIM is acceptable.

In the event that you feel I am out on a branch which is about to collapse, a STUDY of the words utilized, wine and sex or their equivalent, found in Strong’s or Young’s Concordance will prove most helpful!


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