A reading of Genesis 24 gives us the details of this unique event.

The majority of people that we speak with fall short when it comes to understanding what it was to be a “servant”!   They envision someone who works for another and being paid a decent salary, the equivalent of hiring a maid or groundskeeper.  It is inconceivable to the human mind that in reality the servant was “owned”.  He was available to his master 24 hours a day.  Many of those who “owned” servants made little effort to treat them cordially.  They were basically slaves, and could be sold or traded at the will of their master.  From the text of many portions of Scripture, we gather a picture of a large and questionable relationship that existed frequently.  It is important that we observe the exact opposite between Abraham and his servant.

So dedicated is this servant to Abraham that Abraham assigns him the responsibility of going to Haran and selecting a woman that would make the “perfect” wife for Isaac.  He would bring her home, and the rest would become history.  Remember, it would be out of this relationship and subsequent generations that Jesus Christ would come to redeem mankind.

The enormity of such an assignment is staggering.  The thought that Abraham had such deep trust in a servant who would follow every detail assigned him is beautiful!  A reading of Genesis 24 gives us the details of this unique event.  It is equally exciting to watch what takes place in their lives because of that faithful servant.

And, how about that moment when the servant presents the story and how he gets an immediate response from Rebekah – “I will go!” (Genesis 24:58)    Might I leave out what happened when Isaac saw the servant and Rebekah coming?  Nay!  “Isaac went out to meditate in the field toward evening; and he lifted up his eyes and looked, and behold, camels were coming.  Rebekah lifted up her eyes and when she saw Isaac she dismounted from the camel…Then she took her veil and covered herself….and he took Rebekah, and she became his wife, and he loved her;”

Read the whole story in Genesis 24 … You will feel the emergence of love!

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