I do not understand all of the feelings of a parent.

An ecstatic couple learns that the wife is pregnant!  In general, there is ecstasy!  Nine months seems like an eternity, Dr’s appointments seem endless and that “bump” becomes a gloating point, though the discomfort keeps saying: “Let’s get this over with.”

Each arrival in the family was exciting, and the problems associated with a delivery were normal.  The “lighter moment” was when two old men in a room across from where Patsy was delivering got into a discussion with one moaning and groaning more than Patsy.  The other said: “Stop the moaning and groaning!  Complaining about everything!  A new life is about to enter this world and does not want to be greeted with your moaning and groaning.  Shut up I tell you!”

There are agonizing moments for some!  A precious little one enters this world and physical problems are multiplied, which in some cases continues through life.  I will not elaborate on the agonizing over the future encounters.  I can assert that in some cases the deep faith and trust of the parents in the providence of God has and is seeing them through.

The years pass with the ups and downs and medical science continues to improve.  In those circumstances there are high’s and low’s, but “braveness’ and the one thing that is evidenced is the determination to keep that child alive, and at a functional level.  Perhaps there is the thought that enters the brain: “Lord!  Let me be alert and able to meet their need until you call him/her home.”

I do not understand all of the feelings of a parent.  However, I do try to comprehend in some measure theirs and our feelings toward life.  I have stood beside beds, held people’s hands, prayed with them in their parting moments, and endeavored to “feel” with them in this home-going. 

Like many others, I have experienced that moment when God opened Heaven’s door’s and said the equivalent of, “Welcome home, Patsy!”  I also listened to my daughter and grand-daughters sing beside her in beautiful harmony: “Through it all!” 

The end of life as we know it, struggling to stay alive from the moment of birth, and knowing it is “just around the corner” can be burdensome.  However, faith in that person who promised us Eternal Life because  we saw and thanked God for our salvation through Him and served Him until He said: “Come!” JESUS! (Hebrews 9:27)

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