Left to his actions it will only get worse.

Perhaps one of the most difficult challenges that is needed in the church in this hour, is that which we find in 2 Timothy 3:15!  While it is needed and approved relative to a brother who is causing problems, we discover that in our modern society a combination of loose membership, ignorance of adherence to what the Scriptures declare, fear of repercussions within the financial realm, and a fear that such discipline would eventuate in splitting a church are only a few of the problems that should be “overlooked”.

Paul, in addressing the Church at Thessalonica is adamant about several things, one being that a person stirring up dissention is to be dealt with; however, it is clearly defined that the ultimate goal is to “restore” the brother.  Simply addressed with a certified goal, you can see that there should be care, caution, and Scripturally applied doctrine and love.  It is certain that there is a need to deal with needed correction before it is allowed to infiltrate the entire assembly.  Ticklish, yes!  But necessary!

In the eleventh verse of 2 Timothy 3, it is quite apparent that even laziness has to be dealt with.  Why?  The brother has too much free time on his hand and is going about treading on sacred ground and creating dissension among the brethren.  Left to his actions it will only get worse.

A note of warning from an old fashioned preacher!   If you are aware of something of this nature in your congregation, go to and present the facts.  If he says they are dealing with the problem… Zip the Lip!  Just say, “As a leader in the congregation I just want you to know it exists and according to Scripture, you have the responsibility to deal with it.  Soooo I leave it with you as my Pastor, Elder or Deacon.”

Case closed!                

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