Years ago I wrote down some words that my beloved wife put to music; it came as a result of reading Psalm 31:15.  Many times over the years I have been ecstatic over the manner in which this truth surfaced in my thinking—sometimes positive and sometimes negative, but always with a frame-work surrounding it to reveal that God was sending a message that required my understanding.

“My times are in THY hand – My times are in THY hand

             I’ll walk with Thee, and talk with Thee

             For Thee I’ll take my stand

             In answer to Thy call, I yield to Thee my all

             My heart, my mind, my strength, my soul

             My times are in THY HAND, My times are in

             Thy Hand!

Oh yes!  In working with electricity I have momentarily forgotten that there is a positive and a negative.  While doing something carelessly, I have been the recipient of a “shock” that alerted me to my stupidity and immediately got back on track.  On a spiritual level, through my confession and God’s forgiveness, the same is true!  We must not wander and wonder!

How about reading the next verse… “Make Your face to shine upon Your servant; save me in Your loving kindness.”

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