I tell people all the time that I have HOPE!  

I entered the Dr’s office, and immediately I was reminded that I had to keep my “mask” in place.  I get to the counter and they check out my information and discover that I do have an appointment, I am on time, and I can take a seat. 

Though I have had my Covid vaccine, I can take my seat and wait…wait…wait!  I refuse to grumble; after all I want to see the Doctor and am not about to let my old nature take advantage.

After the wait my initial assistant arrives and we go into more detailed information.  Current medications, blood pressure, weight, etc. . . .  He is real nice guy so I decided to tell him about my age and my hope.  I share how I think that one day soon I will hear a voice saying: “Ted!”  Naturally, I will respond: “Coming!”  But, that voice will probably correct me and say: “You are here!”

We have a little discussion about that word, HOPE!  He shares how he has the same hope as I have, just waiting to hear that invitation: “Come!”

Back to my comfortable chair for yet another wait!  My turn arrives and I take a trip down the hall and ask the nurse, this trip, if she has a skate board for use and at least I get a chuckle.  The door closes!  A few minutes later the Dr’s assistant arrives and asks my name and date of birth. (Routine you know!)  She discovers that they have given her some other persons chart.  She takes leave for a “second” and arrives back in five minutes.

This Dr’s Assistant is a little confused and she recruits the Dr.; He arrives in a few minutes, does a diagnosis and tells me what I need to know; assures me he is calling in for needed pills, and is gone.

Heading down that long hall, I get to the checkout.  Everything is in order and this young lady assures me that the pills have been called in to the Pharmacy.

Now, you are still expecting me to grumble, but that is not the case.  It has been worth the wait, and I probably will not see the Doctor until next July.  Who knows?

I tell people all the time that I have HOPE!   The Scriptures made it clear as to why I have my hope…Jesus Christ died for my sins.  I need only to embrace Him as my Lord and Savior, and He will cleanse me of my sin and impart the Gift of Life.  I did that, and I have Hope that reaches beyond a Dr’s   office and a grave.  I have the hope of Heaven and presence of Jesus Christ for eternity.

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