If ever there was a fit moment to practice what is enjoined by the Apostle Paul, under the leadership of the Holy Spirit, we certainly could say it is in this hour.    We speak of peace, peacefulness, peaceably, along with the knowledge that in other portions of Scripture it is said: “and the world shall never know peace.”   While that is what the world practices, it is not what the Christian is to do, in the midst of the chaos that continues.

In reviewing the verses that begin at verse 9 of Romans 12 and continue to the end of the chapter, believers are told how to act in a wicked society.  Our so called “rights” maybe wrongs!  The Book of James presents un-minced words about that tongue being the originator of a conflagration.  Many problems in our society originate out of an undisciplined, uncontrolled tongue.  Yet, that is not alone in guiding the “ship” in the midst of a storm.  We must learn early the importance of all of the various utilities that can be put into action to “win the race” or survive the storm.

When did we last control hypocrisy or show brotherly love?  Have we rejoiced in our hope publicly?  How much time have we spent praying for a special person?  Did we respond or react in a negative situation of recent?  Hospitality is becoming a thing of the past!  Rejoicing with those who are rejoicing and weeping with those who weep, along with associating with the lowly and even showing respect unto all people are part and parcel of the Christian obligation! There are additional considerations, like revenge, feeding the hungry and overcoming evil with good.

As a young man I can remember the old saying: “Straighten up and fly right!”  It may have been somewhat childish, but it was on target.  Yessiree!  We must learn or re-learn what it means to: “If possible, so far as it depends on you (and me) be at peace with all men.”  (Romans 12:18)

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