The day begins with a “Good Morning” to those we encounter in those early hours!  It is not our intention to be accosted with obnoxious people or situations.  However, on occasion everything and every person appears to be ordered up negativity, and ere long you want to join the “party”; at least you feel as though this day is going to be a “total loss”!

Try this!  You are falsely accused and suddenly aware that there is an option.  You appeal to be heard by a “higher power”, to which you are entitled.  To appear before that power is possible, you must cross an ocean.  Your journey begins under “arrest”; yet, you experience “consideration” and are even allowed to visit with some of your friends.  Thus, it boosts your morale.

The journey resumes and “the winds are contrary”.  You finally arrive at a port where you are transferred to another ship to move toward the end of your journey where you will be heard in a higher court. 

You notice that this ship is moving slowly, and with difficulty, only to experience “the wind did not permit us to go farther”, but now we experienced a little “shelter”.   After considerable time we enter what can only be described as “dangerous”.

By now you are at wits end, but God gives you a vision of what to expect next.  You share it with the other folk and your guard, but the “pilot and the captain” exercise their authority, take a poll, and head for the next port, which was considered better “wintering”.    What was shared was “Men, I perceive that the voyage will certainly be with damage and great loss, not only the cargo and the ship, but also our lives!” 

Once again they are brought under hazardous conditions!  All types of efforts are exerted, the ship is falling apart, the cargo thrown overboard, and you are among those designated to be killed, and ultimately the ship lands on a reef.

IT IS THEN THAT GOD INTERVENES!   We read how those who could swim jumped overboard and swam for shore while the remainder grabbed “boards” and swam to shore.  All were “brought safely to land.”

So you thought you were having a bad day?  These were DAYS and DAYS in a row!

Our wonderful Lord has His eye on us in bad times and good.  Choice words of Matthew 28:20 … “I am with you always, even to the end of the age.”

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