Copyright by Ted Cowen

In tenderness the Shepherd sought

This sheep that’d gone astray

He followed in loves pursuit

Knowing I had lost my way

Quietly he whispered

Child, let’s head on to My home

I’ll forgive your sin, and save your soul

Thru My GRACE I will make you whole.

I listened to that voice that day

As He spoke in tender tone

Welcome to the sheepfold

From this day, you’ll never walk alone

You’ll hear my voice

My presence is your guarantee

You are my child, you’re mine by choice

Forevermore you can rejoice.

He laid down His life for me

He did it at Calvary

Forgiven of sin I was told

Forever I rest in His fold

I walk now on the mountains

In the valleys, o’er the plains

I walk now hand in hand with Jesus

He comforts in the midst of pains

I have no needs

That He will not meet

In this journey through my strife

Jesus is my Shepherd; Jesus is my Life.

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