I had responded to an invitation and booked a trip to Alaska that ended up falling quite close to Christmas.  However, I knew that I would be home in time for our Christmas celebration as a family, and therefore did not initially give it a lot of thought.  As the time drew near for the trip, I realized that our daughter and granddaughters would be singing at our home church on what should be the last day of my trip.  I was somewhat disappointed at not being available to hear them.

Circumstances made it possible for me to leave Alaska earlier than anticipated, and so I decided to come home.  Everyone assured me that it would be impossible to get a ticket change at that time of the year.  I decided to give it a try.

There were two people who could board my flight; I was number three.  That meant that I should be high on the list for the next flight.  I did managed to get the last cancellation on that flight, but instead of Seattle, I would fly to Salt Lake City.  I was certain there would be a good chance of a connection there.  As the third flight left, I realized the skiers were not canceling.  I plead my case to the desk clerk who replied simply: “I have you on the next flight.”  My son-in-law met me in Phoenix and, after a quick shower at their home, I arrived at the church two minutes before the service began.

That first Christmas opened the hearts of the shepherds for a great celebration.  It continues to be a time of celebration for the world in general and for believers in Christ more particularly.  It brings with it the problems of transportation during that time of the year and the frustrations that accompany the movement of people from place to place.

Joseph and Mary had to travel from Nazareth to Judea, then to the city of Bethlehem because of a decree from Caesar Augustus.  Try to envision a two hundred mile journey under the primitive conditions of that day for a woman about to deliver a baby.  The government had no consideration for such a situation.

As I read Matthew 2, I was reminded of what this trip involved and, when they finally arrived, there was “no room for them in the Inn”.  However, prophecy had to be fulfilled and the timing of their arrival was on schedule.  After all, the Son of God had to arrive on schedule. (Galatians 4:4)  I have often wondered of all that was involved on that journey and how God worked it out.

God always works out the minute details as we walk with Him.

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