We installed a fax machine in our home office.  Before the new phone line was installed we elected to connect it to the existing phone line so that some pending business might be dispensed with on time.

Our office is quite compact with machines over, under, or against each other.  It is not, therefore, surprising that sometimes space is utilized at random and re-arranged later.

Not knowing much about fax machines at the time, nor having paid much attention to its installation, the ringing of a telephone automatically sent me to answer the ring.  The dial tone indicated it was not ringing, but the ringing persisted.  I pushed and pulled all of the cords that should have brought the cessation of such sounds, but it was to no avail.  Naturally, our son-in-law, who understands and repaired computers and such, was not at home when I called him.

It took frustration and an admission of my ignorance to walk away from that all-penetrating sound of a ringing phone.  Patsy could have easily asked to be taken out to dinner and I would gladly have allowed it to ring to itself.  However, Patsy chose to walk in the study.  Her sensitivity to sounds allowed her to distinguish that it was not the identical ring of the fax and so she looked around the machine.  Next to it was a card from my brother, advertising Pink Beach Cottage Colony in Bermuda.  It said: “When you’re looking for the best… (and as you opened it, you guessed it) give me a ring”.  It was ringing and ringing and ringing.

Confusion is the end result of listening to the many sounds that go out today – so close they are almost unidentifiable.  Paul warns that Scripture must be compared with Scripture to draw proper conclusions. (1 Timothy 1)  Other sounds are “vain jangling”. (verse 6)  Luther said it so beautifully: “Unless I am proven wrong by Scripture and Scripture alone… Here I stand.  So help me God!”

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