The sound was distinct, like that of a Bermuda High Flier kite with its hummers.  From childhood we had learned to add those hummers that made our kites more than just showpieces; each kite could be heard.  If it was just hanging with little motion, there was that steady hum.  With a wind change, or a dive, the sounds would vary.

However, this sound was not Bermuda; I was in the middle of the Sonoran Desert of Arizona.  Thoughtfully, I considered the noise to be coming from truck traffic on Route 303.  That did not make sense because it never varied.  I looked at the tree next to where I stood; wondering if there was a swarm of bees.  It was not to be; however, I did see individual bees on practically every flower.  It was hard to believe that so many bees would be concentrating on that particular tree and creating a vibration that you could almost feel.  The owner of the home shared with me that this happens annually.

The subject dropped from my mind until I was leaving the area.  I passed through a swarm of bees.  One window of my truck was open, but no bees entered.  Looking into the rear view mirror, I discovered that a golf-cart that was following me was not quite as fortunate as they had encountered bees.

Lo and behold, the following day, in a different location, I heard that same sound.  This time the bees were gathering their nectar from the flowers on a cactus.  I kept thinking: “Here are all of the lovely rose bushes and the bees are focused on the flowers of the cactus.”  It was then that I realized that my thinking and that of the bees was at variance.  They knew more about searching for nectar than I.

Life is filled with choices, and our ability and decision to make intelligent spiritual choices hinges basically on how we envision God and His manifestation in the person of Jesus Christ.  If we acknowledge Him to be whom He says He is, all of our actions should be geared to His teachings in His Word.  From a human standpoint, we might listen to the opinions and actions of brilliant individuals.  However, from a spiritual standpoint, we resort to: Thus says the Lord!

The abundance of nectar was not to be found in the rose, but in the flowers of the tree and cactus.  My eyes and nose would have been focused on the wrong choice.

Joshua said: “If it is disagreeable in your sight to serve the Lord, choose for yourselves today whom you will serve: …but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” (Joshua 24:15 NASB)  Give thought to your choices for life and for eternity.

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