The early morning weather was perfect.  A more beautiful setting for a flock of geese making their way across our home would be hard to find.  They came with that familiar wedge shape attracting us all.  Practically every morning I witness this similar picture as they leave the lake in Youngtown and head for the various lakes on our Sun City golf courses.

Somewhat mesmerized by the picturesque beauty, I found myself just following the pack as they made their way across the morning sky.  I smiled as I thought of the frustrated golfers not wanting to hit into such a group when they had taken up residence on one of the greens.

Suddenly the sound of one coming up the rear caught my attention, squawking its head off.  I endeavored to ascertain whether he had just gotten behind; or was he frustrated with the group; or had the conversation at Youngtown earlier left him sulking and unwilling to leave with them?  Perhaps he was still trying to make his point and because he had not gotten his way, he could not zip the lip.  Who knows?

Over the years I have met all types of loners.  They express their desires in isolationism, or perhaps have introvert or extrovert tendencies that seem irrational to others.  They are sometimes magnanimous in their leadership abilities with little or no time for others.  From one extreme to the other, they identify themselves almost immediately when you make their acquaintance.

Now, this goose, honking like the train at the crossing a half mile away, had possibly effected the desired result.  The group up front began to turn in a different direction.  Accurate or not, my inability to understand “goose talk” gave him the credit.  We sometimes need such individuals to keep us on course and on target.  At other times they are to be ignored for their loud sounds which can give a miscue to the rest of the body. When we read passages like 1 Corinthians 12, we realize the importance of “gifted” individuals in the body of believers.  Each man has been equipped to fulfill specific duties in the framework of the body of believers and his presence or absence effects the production of the group.  “Oneness” is an essential.  Just because a personality is different, properly exercised under the leadership of the Holy Spirit in that oneness that exists in Christ, we soon discover that we all will find blessing and fulfillment.  So essential is it to have full maturity among believers that Hebrews 10:25 reminds us of the importance of rubbing shoulders with one another.  “Not forsaking our own assembling together, as is the habit of some, but encouraging one another; and all the more, as you see the day drawing near”.

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