When I discovered those words in John 20:31, many years ago, and then secured a Ready Reference from The Pocket Testament League, I stopped and thanked the Lord.  I copy that list from the Gospel of John:

The Son of God                                        1:1-14

Son of Man, Social Christ                       2:1-10

The Divine Teacher                                 3:2-21

The Soul Winner                                      4:7-29

The Great Physician                                5:1-9

The Bread of Life                                     6:32-58

The Water of Life                                    7:37

The Defender of the Weak                   8:3-ll

The Light of the World                          9:1-39

The Good Shepherd                              10:1-16

The Prince of Life                                   11:1-44

The King                                                  12:12-15

The Servant                                            13:1-10

The Consoler                                          14:1-3

The True Vine                                        15:1-16

The Giver of the Holy Spirit                 16:1-15

The Great Intercessor                           17:1-26

The Model Sufferer                               18:11

The Uplifted Savior                               19:16-19

The Conqueror of Death                      20:1-31

The Restorer of the Penitent              21:1-17

In the event you have not discovered Him for your every need, you will find Him by reading the Gospel of John.  Invite Him to be your Savior and Lord!

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