Two of us were reflecting on the clarity of Scripture, and in particular the teachings of sanctification.  The question arose in this manner: “When I recall an action in the past wherein I sinned, and I had confessed my sin and experienced God’s forgiveness, yet it comes back to “haunt” me in later years, how do I deal with it?”

Forgiven means just that, “FORGIVEN”!  Further discussion included this verse in Romans 8:1, “Therefore there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.”  It is the “hangover” of the law that touches our conscience, recalling the past, and would impede our present experience in Christ.  We recall what we did as “impossible to forgive” because of the gravity of our sin, and in reflection, throw it into that pocket of the impossible instead of the truth of the redemptive quality of the BLOOD of our Savior.

For a moment, in neglect, we allow the fallacy of the devil himself to penetrate our thinking and allege that our behavior of the past is impossible to have been totally forgiven.  We want to “crucify” ourselves into believing that forgiveness of such magnitude is impossible to have been accomplished, instead of demeaning him by a rehearsing to him that in pure GRACE, God “washed my sin away in the blood of Jesus” and that HE, God/Jesus/the Holy Spirit, remembers it no more”.  Instead of my inability to forget, God has assured me that the sufficiency of Christ’s offering on Calvary was one of perfection. What a truth!  What a relief!

When I invited Christ to become my Savior, it took some time to comprehend that in actuality the Blood of Christ affected a total cleansing of all my past, until one day the Holy Spirit punctuated my thinking with a simple question: “Would you call me a liar?”  My immediate response was: “No Lord, never!”  “You have been doubting the power of my blood!”  It was all I needed to study and re-study the subject.  What a revelation!

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