As I write this, I am aware that we have come through one of the most complicated years that one can imagine, with more to be expected! 

Sad to say, but in understanding the Scriptures, one has to conclude that while all of this bedlam has been promulgated from one side of the world to the other, the Christian is resting in conviction that God, being on the Throne of Heaven, is prepping the nations for the inevitable, His judgment.

Viewing the world, we can see that it is inevitable that eventually, and not too distant, it is impossible to continue chipping away at each other without someone in arrogance, or a desire for pre-dominance, is going to purposefully, or accidentally, make a blunder that will create bedlam as compared with the past, of a magnitude that is currently un-comprehensible.

Two thousand + years ago Jesus beckoned believers to “Go into all the world and preach the Gospel”. (Matthew 28:20)  Country after country has had opportunity to respond to the message of the Gospel.  Few are the places where Christ has not been proclaimed.  In some places positive response was so strong that you would have believed that it would be impossible for the world not to have heard.  Radio/TV Stations herald the message consistently, yet they are quick to remind us that there are “unreached” areas.  There is little question in my mind as to the accuracy of the penetration of the Gospel Message.  We have seen pockets of Revival, but the overall picture is that the message of Christ has not been as effective as one might expect after twenty centuries. Need I mention that printing, radio, T.V., language translators, and missionaries of every vantage possible, have not been able to conquer the challenge. 

With all that is transpiring, there is every evidence that we are rushing into the End Times.  We are utilizing equipment to replace personal accountability.  Friends, it is imperative that we need to respond positively to the message left to us by His servants of yester-year under the direction of the Holy Spirit…GO!  Matthew 28:20 remains unchanged, therefore, in obedience; let us present Jesus Christ with every opportunity as we GO!

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