The advertising of the hour speaks of that to which I am “entitled”.   Some of it is accurate, and some of it questionable.   Discerning which is, or which is not, a part of an individual’s or organizations “entitlement” may prove frustrating. 

To discover later that you were “ripped off” can be a little more than annoying.  Forget it!  You responded to a need that caught your heart and ultimately the situation remains for the other to give account to themselves and God.

In reading thru Romans 2, I was reminded of “the riches of His kindness, tolerance and patience, not knowing that the kindness of God leads you to repentance?” I realize that the context of this passage lends itself to an understanding of one who ostracized God from his life, but that it does not exclude this old-boy from the awareness that I am accountable to God as to the manner in which I share. 

Often I reflect on the “richness and kindness of God”!   I do not endeavor to do it to boost my ego, but to make sure that I am humbled before HIM in enabling me to share with others out of what He has provided.  Please understand that you and I are the recipients of an entrustment, given to us through the sacrificial death of Jesus Christ.  God has showered upon us His “richness and kindness” in abundance, which I did not deserve.  Further, you did not deserve!

God has “no partiality” according to the 11th and 12th verses of that chapter.  We remain accountable for His grace toward us in Christ, Jew or Gentile.

There is ample evidence throughout Scripture; Acts 6, 1 Timothy 5, 6 are illustrations of handling financial blessings that God has given us to be shared with others.  As He has shared with us, so let us share with those in need!  As I have observed over the years, many of those less fortunate, and have needs of their own, are quick to share and never express regret; they consider themselves blessed of the Lord.

A review of Matthew 5, the beatitudes, is most refreshing.  After seeing the contrast with worldly thinking and achievement, and then projecting ourselves into Kingdom thinking, it is a most humbling experience.

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