While much has been argued from the liberal and conservative sides of politics, of one side or the other, long ago I came to the conclusion that the majority of people have left God out of the matter.  Even when the Scriptures have been used, all too often they are used in a most haphazard manner. 

As a result, I might suggest that they are thrown around like jabs and lack any knock-out power.  If enough people make enough noise, and do so long enough, there is a strong possibility that they will get their way… right or wrong.

At this moment, the monstrosity of Covid 19 has actuated numerous churches to tackle government rules or regulations.  Of course, there are arguments, pro and con.  One is arguing from a Constitutional point of view; another from a doctrinal religious point of view (imbedded con-substantiation or trans-substantiation); and then there is the adopted view of the non-religious individuals or even the comforting thought that it is simply a remembrance.  With a little extra effort, I could easily recover many additional ideas.  Remember, I said “imbedded”!

Many individuals are justifiably likening the idea of a church to, “where two or three are gathered together in My name, I am there in their midst.”  While that verse applies to the subject of a sinning brother, the principle of that and other portions of Scripture are justified.

A few things need reflecting upon!  The Pastor, or his equivalent in a congregation, must register in a State or some designated body under state laws to conduct a wedding. 

A pastor has no jurisdiction in a divorce.  It is left entirely to the Court to make the ultimate decisions.  While I have been the instrument of previous counseling and the conducting of the marriage ceremony, I remain anonymous as far as the State is concerned for an annulment or divorce.

The Government has already demonstrated that they are in control in these and other areas.  We as pastors are subject to the Government, and hence our churches, in other areas as well.  While I would like to believe otherwise, I am alert to the current crisis.

The direction of our country does not favor our arguments, and ultimately the likelihood of our arguments finding agreement to Holy Writ will result in persecution and probably martyrdom, as in the early church. Have you ever read Fox’s Book of Martyrs?  Have you checked out the Book of Revelation to see who the winner is?

While I am not as pessimistic as at first appearance, I am realistic as far as what the Scriptures project.  The day has come, and is coming, when we will ultimately lose some skirmishes; however, in the end, Christ will rule and reign…. We are on the VICTORY SIDE!    

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