If I had been desirous of turning the “world upside down” (KJV Acts 17:6) or “These men who have upset the world have come here also;” (NASB) I doubt that I would have chosen the 12 men that Jesus chose. 

But then, please make allowance for my limitations and abilities.  These men were unique in every aspect of their lives. (A Fishermen, a Tax Collector, a Thief, a Doctor, a Pharisee, as well as others about whom we have limited knowledge.)

John was so unique that he is described as “leaning on Jesus breast” at the Last Supper.  His writings have followed him!   He wrote the Gospel of John, three Epistles, and it was he who wrote the Book of Revelation.  What a contribution was made through his ministry.

Perhaps one might have an opinion about his ministry and its effectiveness; they probably have a conclusion about which of his writings are most important in the Canon of Scripture.  Of one thing we might be certain, through his ministry there are few that did not find something special for their part in his writings.

For a moment let us note that the word love appears more than fifty two times in 1 John!  That’s right, 52 times!  I take it that he made some observations that he did not specify but brilliantly covered and to which his readers could say: “John wrote that for me, in particular!”

While our Lord used two different Greek words to convey to Peter what love was all about, (John 21:15-17), He was showing the difference between “Tend and Rule or intellectual, emotional”.  How we need to see that following Jesus is more than just “talk”.  It means to put action to our words.  It involves submissiveness to His way, His walk, His will.  It involves closeness, presence, obedience, not just pretense.  

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