A star in motion … Wise men in motion … Herod in motion … Joseph-Mary in motion … More wise men in motion … Angels in motion … Shepherds in motion … A Child in motion… And all because God was in motion!

A prophetic promise had been made to men by God (Genesis 3:15) would inevitably deal with Satan.  Here it was unfolding in “the fullness of time” (Galatians 4:4). An impossible event was being enacted by God – A virgin was giving birth to a child.  A ruler was making a decision, (a decree) that would involve him in the bloodshed of children because of pride and position. 

Unbeknown to the average man and woman was the fact that the Savior of the World had arrived.  God’s promise concerning man and his sin was in the process of being dealt with!  Like us on the world revolving and our not feeling it, so all of these activities were being actualized!

We were involved in all of that motion!  God was sending His Son, Jesus, from His presence to become the perfect offering for SIN.  Knowing such a requirement could be met only under that being fulfilled; God willingly allowed Jesus to be our substitute and left us with only one choice…the words of the Apostle: “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved.” 

The World may ruin the concept, but you cannot take CHRIST out of CHRISTMAS!

May yours and our Christmas be a blessed one!

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