You have heard that the word justification means “just as if I had never sinned”.  It has a little more to it than that.  Having heard Dr. Charles Woodbridge speak on this subject many years ago, I picked up his writing so that I might copy it for you. “Regeneration and justification are closely related doctrines. 

Regeneration has to do with the change which takes place in the believer’s heart; justification concerns the change in his standing before God.  Regeneration refers to the impartation of life; justification to his acceptance as righteous in the eyes of God.  Regeneration is the divine answer to the problem of spiritual death; justification is the divine answer to the problem of spiritual guilt.”

The youngest child will display his inherent propensity to sin, and it will continue to magnify itself as it grows older.  Unless the individual experiences the intervention of God through GRACE, they will continue to death and afterward to judgment.   When they invite Christ, the Savior of mankind, to be the Shepherd of their soul, and to cleanse them from sin, thru Grace God will embrace that individual into Sonship.  That act removes sin and its taint from the individual and God sees them as justified as to their new found and imputed righteousness.

Once you experience the knowledge of your sin forgiven, and how God has beckoned you into His family and has imparted, through grace, that imputed righteousness, you will desire to flee sin and its attachments.  Romans 3:23,24  “For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, being justified as a gift by His grace through the redemption which is in Christ Jesus.”

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