It is noticeable!  Many of our churches have acquired new names.  We are left with the challenge of determining if they are Baptist, Methodist, Lutheran, Charismatic, Independent, Presbyterian or just what!

Once we attend a Service or two, we soon discover the type of program or programs they “offer”, and the type of music or preaching that is prominent in their Services.  I asked a question or two about these areas of ministry and found that in many cases the folk attending have little idea of denominational distinctions.  It reminds me of the political arena where people claim an identification, but the organization is so befuddled that one has no basic idea if in reality they are one or the other.

Crossing swords is not a joy to me.  It is not that I have not tried, but so often it arrives when one least expects it.  In my case I usually try to find out a key element as described by Jesus in Luke 19:45-48.

Jesus arrived at the temple and began to drive out those who were buying and selling.  He said: It is written, “And My house shall be a house of prayer, but you have made it a robbers’ den.”  Many focus on the last part of that statement and I would have to admit that there is reason to raise that question.  However, the majority of churches and organizations are not in that category.  They are struggling to make ends meet.

That which is most disturbing is that Jesus quoted what had been said by Jeremiah and others: “My house shall be a called a house of prayer.”  Few are the churches that have a PRAYER MEETING!  In the event one is scheduled, you can probably count on both hands the attendance.  We are in trouble!  We are not acknowledging our responsibility of focusing on what the Savior noted as He entered that temple.  Probably, the manipulative processes that we use to attract people into the House of the Lord, is indicative of our lack of dependence on the Lord and our churches dependence on HIM.

Together, let us ask God to spike our realization of prayer’s importance.  Ask others to join you, and as many others as possible, to become a prayer band as the identification of God’s desire for your concern …A HOUSE OF PRAYER!

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