We have conducted numerous funerals over the years, and I certainly refrain from interrupting one that is underway.  The folk involved would not be receptive to a complete stranger inserting himself into such an occasion.

The background of such a happening as this raises oodles of questions and initial reactions. (Luke 7:11-17)  The mother of a man, a widow, accompanied with a sizable crowd from the city of Nain, was buried in grief and weeping.

The Lord Jesus, upon seeing all that was taking placed, was deeply moved with compassion toward her.  He approaches her and says: “Do not weep!”  Try to envision that moment, you accompanying the body of your son being told: “Do not weep!”  Many of those present were probably thinking: “How inconsiderate!”

Not waiting for everyone’s expressions or opinions, our Savior touched the coffin; that brought the bearers to a halt.  With the simplest expression Jesus said: “Young man, I say to you, arise!” The young man sat up and began to speak.  If you think that the crowd was any different than would be the case today, forget it!  First of all they were gripped with fear!  Then when they realized what had just transpired in their presence, “they began glorifying God!”  Next they began to glorifying God and concluded that a prophet had risen among them.  “God has visited His people!

One is aware that everything of this nature was a magnanimous moment for all present.  You sort of feel like: “I wish I had been there.”

Has this story from Luke 7 brought the thought to your mind, “I could minister to that lady or a family in that situation?”  It is something that we should consider!  A card, a letter, a lunch, something personal that would show love and concern for her moment of grief. 

I throw out this story and challenge to make us more aware of an opportunity of service for the Savior.  He will be honored and you will be blessed.

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