The “Old Timer” said: “Ted, I have a box of books for you!”  It was “boxes”… and tucked in there was one by W.H. Rogers, from which I quote what I believe to be a writing of Dr. W. Leon Tucker.

“Christ is the Center and the Circumference of the Scripture.  He is the Life of the Written Word.  All the highways of the Old Testament move majestically toward Him.  All the pathways of the New Testament proceed with Him.  In Him we have the explanation and interpretation of the Word of God.  The Living Word is the unfolding of the Written Word, and the Written Word is the unveiling of the Living Word.  (See Hebrews 10:7; Luke 24:44; Colossians 1:14-19).

The Mind of God is centered in Christ.

   All Divine Ministries are focused in Him.

   All Satanic antagonisms are directed against Him.

   All Worthy Hopes are dependent upon Him.

   All Worlds are held together by Him.

   All Scripture finds its summation in Him.

Christ is the Substance of all truth.

   He is the Solution to all human problems.

   He is the only Savior for the sinner.

   He is the Sustainer for the sufferers.

   He is the Source of all spiritual light.

   He is the Sovereign Ruler of the universe.

   He is the Sum of all Revelation.

Christ and the Bible stand or fall together.

    To believe the One is to believe the Other.

    To deny the One is to deny the Two.

    To question the Inspiration of the Book is to invalidate the testimony of Christ.

Christ is the Fact of facts, the Bible’s theme,

   Who stands alone, august, unique, supreme;

   The Bread of Life, who meets the need of men,

   Who come to all, o’er field and moor and fen;

   The Man of Pain, who feels all human pain,

   And slakes the thirst, and turns all loss to gain.

   He is the God, all Light from Him doth gleam,

   He is the Man of men, beyond all dream;

   He is the God of Love, all Love Divine,

   He is Hand of Power, all Strength sublime;

   From Him all things come forth, in Him consist,

   To Him all tend, and all by Him subsist;

   The Book, speaks of Him, the Christ reveals;

   The eye that’s closed to Him all truth conceals;

   He is the Gospel’s Theme—He died for all,

   His death alone can free from sin’s enthrall

   His resurrection Life, the Might of might,

   His Reign within the soul, the Life of right;

   His Peace within the heart, the calm of Love,

   His Joy untold, the thrill from realms above;

   His love the fire that burns within the fane,

   His promise in the Word’s refreshing rain;

   The Spirit came, the outcome of His death,

   The Power of God, His Grace and Living Breath.

   He’s All!   The Visibility of God!

   And so I sing of Him and onward plod!”

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