I am certain that you have noticed how people make preparation for different events that are forthcoming.  Some do it meticulously, (Like our daughter) and then there are those like my sister (just throw it in the suitcase, stump on it and everything is A-OK.)  Take the smile off of your face when you decide into which category you find yourself.

Naturally, we determine our attitude toward preparation by a host of things: where we are going; what attire would be most becoming; who am I travelling with; what type of transportation am I using; do I need extras, just in case?  The list goes on, even though I might “throw” it all together.

Of one thing we are sure of in life is death!  One of my many doctors said that “we really do not need to talk about it.”  My friend, it is a trip that could be just around the corner, or in some later day in life.  But, because it is guaranteed to come, we need to be prepared for that eventuality.

One fellow I knew printed on the trunk of his car: “Prepare to meet thy God!” (Amos 4:12)  That may be annoying to some people, but you cannot fault him for being concerned about people being ready to meet God.  Amos certainly raised a few eyebrows when he declared to Israel, that they should make such preparation.  In the event that I was conducting your funeral, I would much prefer to know that you made proper preparation.

Again I must remind those reading that man is born into sin, (Romans 3:23) and that sin has been paid for by Jesus Christ, when He shed His blood as a sacrifice on Calvary.  The Scriptures are clear that preparation for eternity is accomplished through Faith, and faith alone in His sacrificial death.  Naturally, if you or I believe that, and act upon it by submitting ourselves to a life lived for Him; we have a guarantee of eternity with HIM. I take concern for those reading these thoughts.  1) There is one God!  2) We are accountable to Him.  3) One day we must meet Him.  4) We need preparation to meet Him!  “The wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.” (Romans 6:23)

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