Much is said throughout the Scriptures about family ties.  Their importance cannot be over emphasized.  Many a young person looks forward to rearing their own family, only to discover that it was not as easy as they thought.  Some believe their parents fell short, which they will not duplicate, while others thought them to be ideal and to be imitated.  In the midst of all of this challenge, we discover strengths and weaknesses that are offshoots of both.

One of the greatest challenges is brought to our attention when Jesus is told that His family is “standing outside”.  They had “sent word to Him and called Him!”

It is in a situation of this nature that an individual can be torn between choices!  We can examine our priorities as relating to our family, considering our age, our depth of responsibility to them, our relationship and responsibility to other believers, and our continuing commitment to the Lord to follow Him.  While these factors are to be considered in light of the Scriptures, how we approach them is of importance.  For instance, the crowd was sufficiently great that they “had to send word to Him”.  He could present His response initially without offence to His family.  Likewise, the cost of discipleship is impressed upon those present.

I have great recall of such commitment that the Lord honored.  I have momentary recollections where I faltered, and had to seek His forgiveness, and the family forgiveness, because I lost sight of that as a priority. There is need in this hour for the people who identify themselves as Christians to re-examine their pledge to follow Christ on His terms, not theirs.  If there has been faltering, seek His forgiveness, and family forgiveness, and move on.  Peter did!  Paul did!  David did!  Moses did!  The list goes on!

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