A large portion of my growing up days was in a house attached to a Lighthouse.  It made for interesting times.  Perhaps the most exciting of times, when a hurricane would “invade” the Island!

To describe all of the times would be unnecessary, because there was much that was alike, but not always.  The winds, the waves, the damages were momentous.  However, every so often, there were “tokens” of having been spared.  Depending on the direction of the hurricane, and the back side of it blowing from the opposite direction following the “frontal” attack, made a major difference.  One thing to remember is that heavy winds were not out of the ordinary… not quite up to hurricane force.

In the lighthouse there is a revolving lens around a lamp.  That lens floated on 1200 lbs. of mercury.  (In recent years it has been changed to roller bearings.)  Frequently, in heavy winds that mercury would splash out as the Lighthouse swayed more than 7 inches.  Prior to all of the scares about mercury, we would sweep it up with a dust broom, wipe off any accumulated dirt, and return it to its “trough”.  As children we always made it a habit to take a little of it to school to show our classmates.

One of the exciting things about mercury is that if you hit it, it spreads into innumerable tiny balls.  However, when it is brought back together, it joins in a single ball.  That would be what you saw in the dustpan after sweeping the floor.

When the Church was first formed, there was major persecution.  Rome was ruling; the Jewish folk were still abiding under most of the same system as previously and the Church was anathema.  Once the person of the Lord Jesus was embraced as the Messiah by the disciples, and they became evangelists of His resurrection, it became obnoxious to many.  But, because the Church was so dynamic in the setting, they drew deep criticism, and the persecution became like falling or stepping on mercury dispersing in every direction.

For instance, in Acts 2:41; 2:47; 4:4; 5:14; 6:7; 9:42; 11:21; 11:24;  the words “adding” or “scattered” show the extent of development, especially because they were like mercury (Quick Silver).

We have a message that needs to be dispersed.  Do not be surprised when it scatters like it did two thousand years ago.  It caused the disciples their lives, so do not be astonished when it happens again.

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