Years ago, I came across a little pamphlet distributed by The Pocket Testament League.  I share it with you hoping that you will find it helpful.  What to Read When.   You can always order from them from their Web Site.

In Sorrow                                           

In Danger                                             

God Seems Distant                           


Faith Fails                                             

You Are “Blue”                                   

Need Companionship                       

You Are Worried                                

You Need Forgiveness                      

Life Seems Empty                               

You Feel Cheated                              

Friends Fail You                                 


You Are Bored                                   

You Are Jealous                                 

You Are Angry                                   

Growing Old                                      

John 14

Psalm 91

Psalm 139

Isaiah 40

Hebrews 11

Psalm 34

Psalm 23

Mathew 6:19-34

Psalm 51

Psalm 15

Psalm 103

Psalm 27

Psalm 4:4-8

Psalm 104:23, 24, 33, 34

James 3:13-18

Matthew 5:9, 22

Psalm 71

In the event you find this helpful, there are many additional Jewels on that pamphlet… Ready References

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