In these days when the corona-virus is raking our country and the world, there is a light here and there that becomes a testimony to the GRACE of GOD!  It is not the many that are healed, as much as the attitude toward their experience.  Some confidently faced death with the assurance of their salvation.  Others gave every indication that they would be completely satisfied with the outcome of life or death.  Granted, there were those who were terrified to face the future and those who were “too young to die”!  The attitudes are far multiplied from what I have mentioned.

When imprisoned and then transported to Rome, the “ship” that carried Paul, the Apostle, ran into difficult circumstances.  The storm that they encountered was breaking the ship apart and it finally ran aground.  With the captain ordering for its abandonment; with no other choice, he ordered those who could swim to do so, and those who could not to grab a piece of wood and use it to hold them afloat as they made for the shore-line.  All were saved!  An unusual occurrence, but a predicted one by the apostle Paul who had that assurance from the Lord!

I have lost several friends to the ocean depths, having left Bermuda and never heard from again.  Numerous others have obviously experienced identical encounters.  A cousin was rescued as the yacht went to its grave.

What caught my attention in this encounter, mentioned in Acts 27, was the fact that they were on the island of Malta and that “The natives showed us extraordinary kindness; for because of the rain that set in, and because of the cold, they kindled a fire and received us all.” (Acts 28:2)

There was a display of “EXTRAORDINARY  KINDNESS” and in addition to kindling a fire, they “received them all.”  God allowed us to be shown kindness by others and frequently to be privileged to show kindness to others.  I love that phrase: “and received them all”.  No partiality, in spite of the backgrounds!  Hopefully our message has clarity and engagement!

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