I love the ocean and miss it, even after these many years.  Just to look at it in its calm, or storm.  To listen to it as it pounds the breakers, or smell the salt air that punctures your sinus and clears your head in seconds.  The list goes on with the dreams drifting hurriedly.

As we crossed the Sea of Galilee, my mind was not on the ocean, but on the multiplied times that it became the center of attraction because the Savior of the World was present on it or on its shores.  One of the earliest recordings was when He chose Simon who was called Peter to be two of his twelve disciples.  So commanding was He that they left their nets and followed Him.   What a magnetic personality He must have displayed to choose two fishermen to begin His ministry, not some intellects. (Matthew 4:20)

Matthew records that “going on from there He saw two brothers, James and John the sons of Zebedee in a boat with their father”.  They were mending nets.  He called them and they left the boat and their Father and followed Jesus. (Matt. 4:22)

Recall how some, determined to find something against the Savior, asked Peter if Christ paid taxes.  The Lord knew what was going on and told Peter to get a fish, remove the coin from its mouth and pay the taxes.  Think of all the ins and outs attached to that experience on Galilee. (17:24-27)

And then there was the night that Jesus walked on the water in the midst of a mighty storm.  Of course, the disciples were alarmed!  Would you be the “cool” one who was not shook somewhat?  (Matthew 14:25-32)

I thought of how the disciples fished all night, caught nothing and He said to them: “Cast on the other side of the boat!”  They caught so many fish that the boat began to sink.  Only then did they turn their attention back to HIM.  We are so caught up in such things that we forget to honor Him for His provision. (John 21:4-8)

I am still reflecting on some of these things when we reached the other shore of Galilee, however I am thinking of those disciples coming ashore and finding cooked fish awaiting them.  And, naturally they discover that He has prepared it for them. (21:9-14)

Take a reflective trip on Galilee with the Savior.  I am convinced you will find it one of the best boat rides you have ever experienced!

One thought on “GALILEE

  1. I enjoyed reading your reflections. When I went to Israel, being on the Galilee sea and walking it’s shores was surreal as I imagined waking where Jesus could have walked or being at the spot where he cooked fish after his resurrection. Such an awesome feeling.


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