It is seldom in that we are not experiencing some type of a problem.  It may appear to be major or minor, depending on which side of the fence we are on. 

It then becomes apparent to us that the other person should jump the fence and come over to our side, and that would solve the problem.  It may, and it may not!  The other person may bring their problems with them, or we may move to the other side and create more problems for them. 

Naturally, we both need to explore how each is thinking and why.  We must also realize that “explosiveness” does not need to be the answer.  It might be effective under certain circumstances, but it only creates reaction in a majority of people.  If I may encourage “patient endurance” in dealing with problems, instead of disaster, I will be heading in the right direction.  It may take a little longer, but will be more enduring.

Moses was leading the children of Israel from Egypt to Canaan.  Not only had the Egyptians driven them out, but they parted company with their jewels as well.  Get rid of those Israelites as fast as possible was their “battle cry”.  Even wealth seemed to be a solution; it always does!

Israel headed for the Promised Land!   The Red Sea seemed to be a problem as the Egyptians followed close on their heels.  However, the waters parted and they crossed undamaged with the Egyptian army being destroyed.

The wilderness journey turned into a trying time and they began to grumble.  It seemed as though it was Moses who had led them, and let them down.  However, God was “shaping” them.  Even the jewels became an idol when water and bread was not obtainable.  Neither you, nor I have ever heard such grumbling as was issued against “this Moses”.

Now is the axe applied to the root!  It is exemplified in the words of Psalm 106:15-“So He gave them their request, but sent a wasting disease among them.”  In another version we read, “He gave them their request but sent leanness to their soul.”  Was it worth the price to do it their way instead of God’s way? 

There is need for changes in every age and every society, but not at the price of “leanness to the soul”.  I have watched people die in “leanness” and I have watched them die with “justified pride”!  I would prefer to see the latter any day of the week.  Together, let us seek to do it in a God fearing, God honoring way!  It starts with the simplest prayer: “Lord!  Nothing but Thy will be done!”

Remember: Never accept Fat in body but Lean in soul!

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