We cannot help but notice people who carry massive numbers of keys hanging from their belt.  I sometimes think how amazing it is that they are not bent to one side with the weight.  I know that often the one key I need is the one that I do not possess or it has been misplaced momentarily.

After having some keys made at the locksmith recently, I noticed that several keys failed to work properly.  Placing the new key next to the original I compared them and was initially convinced that they were identical.  I became more critical of the comparison and suddenly there emerged the problem.  The shoulders of the keys were ever so slightly different.  To me it appeared insignificant but I went back to the locksmith.  A long discussion ensued and he assured me that it should not make any difference because the key on the Titan lock worked off of the shoulder that hit the tumbler first.  The key was accurate for the lock into which I was placing it.

When we hit a snag like this it makes us feel like an idiot because we are the laymen not the professional.  Nevertheless, I suggested that the locksmith cut the shoulder the 32nd of an inch and we would see if it worked.  Reluctantly he made the cut.  When I tried it in the lock, it was obvious that what was insignificant was actually a major problem.  This time it worked perfectly.

A deceased friend had a program called: WORD KEYS THAT UNLOCK THE SCRIPTURES.  Dr. Spencer recognized how significant each word was that had been embraced as “Inspired of God”.  As I familiarized myself with his studies, it became ever so much easier to understand passages of Sacred Writ.

To unlock the beautiful truths of God’s Word, let us remember first, “All Scripture is inspired by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, for training in righteousness; that the man of God may be adequate, equipped for every good work.” (2 Timothy 3:16, 17 NASB)  Faith in God and faith in the Bible as His communication to us is essential.  It is out of it that we find that list just quoted put into practice, making the keys to a fulfilling life.

God and His Word are “adequate” when used as the keys to every situation in life.  Likewise, they make us “adequate”.  Key in on these truths!  Life in the present and in eternity will become more meaningful — more enjoyable.

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