In our modern society it is called “music”, and for that reason I find little reason to enjoy what comes over the airwaves.  I gave up listening to it about the time Elvis was singing “You ain’t nothing but a hound-dog”.

My wife, who was a extraordinary musician, had said so often: “I am glad that we are at the end of our ministry and not the beginning!”  That “off- beat” does not lend itself to “quality”, rather, it lends itself to frustration in the mind of the listener to which our psychic is not attuned!  That is why it has been found that Care centers have found that soft quality music lends itself to less care and medication than “modern mayhem”.

While reading the account of the people of Israel and the “golden calf” in Exodus 32, I found many interesting facts.  Moses had gone up the mountain with Joshua and the people below said to Aaron, after 40 days, “this Moses, the man who brought us up from the land of Egypt, we do not know what has become of him.”  They had lost sight of God’s leadership through “this man” Moses.

God had already told Moses what to expect when he descended from the mountain, but it was Joshua who heard the noise and thought it to be “war in the camp”.  Moses knew immediately that it was “dancing…the sound of singing”.  It was worship of the “golden calf”.  Two godly men with different interpretations of what was taking place!  Then there was Aaron making excuses as to why and how it had developed; he lied to Moses and Joshua and to himself.  Try as they might, one cannot justify themselves for such bedlam that derived out of those ill fated developments.

Moses got to the bottom of it all.  The anger of his younger years surfaced, and he not only sought God’s forgiveness and intercession on behalf of Israel, but he melted the golden calf, put it in the water and made them drink it.

Leadership can be a blessing or a blunder.  With Aaron, at that moment it became a major blunder.  His thinking was erroneously guided by people’s thinking, the majority no longer sought the leadership of Moses; “this man Moses” who had led them out of Egypt, through the Red Sea, around the city of Jericho, had disappeared.  Forty days can make an awful difference…from hero to villain. 

Folks, the future holds some uncertain times for which we are ill prepared that will surface ultimately, and the price of our embellishments, and approvals, will be costly!  Recall what I say so often:  “Reaction is basically negative!  Response if basically positive!

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