It’s the way my brain works.  I see something small, and it might well be something of insignificance, but it “latches on” and turns into pondering.  Ultimately, it will relate itself to some thought from the Scriptures that behind it has multiplied thoughts from other portions of the Word of God, the Bible.

I was brushing my teeth, and I had left the cabinet door open so I did not have to look at that disheveled individual in the mirror.  My eye caught the small print on a deodorant container that said: “24-hour coverage”.  Sure enough, I had a spring board. 

It was not complicated to go back to those bygone days when we used gooey junk for that job that failed to achieve our goal rather quickly.  When the “stick” jobs arrived, we thought that we had “arrived”!  I have to believe that our friends thought much the same.

Two words drifted into my thinking as the Holy Spirit captivated my mind: insurance and assurance.  Almost daily we are reminded about insurance.  It’s cost, its coverage, and the Company’s reputation is their sales pitch.  Because I am satisfied with my research prior to what I have selected, it often does not make it past the re-cycle bin in my garage.  They promise this to be the last notice, and it is, until the next one.

A long time ago I discovered the joy and fulfillment that came to my heart when I discovered the word assurance.  People kept telling me how I could lose my salvation.  I knew the texts of Scripture that they propounded, and so I focused on the context of that portion of Scripture in Hebrews 6.  In the context, I noticed that the people referred to had never solidified in their minds and hearts the depth that had led them to continue, right from the beginning.  It was the type of thinking that was at the emotional level and that was the reason they had not continued on from day one and were lodged in the same type of thinking to this day.  Genuine conversion, with clear understanding of what Christ has done our behalf, will continue.  In addition to understanding that portion of Scripture and many others, such as Romans 8:38, 39, I have the ASSURANCE of my eternal salvation.

My Insurance policy is contained in what God has declared and we know as the Bible, the Sacred Scriptures.  Because He said it, I believe it, and it is His guarantee for all Eternity. 

Those little words: 24-Hour Coverage are truly applicable concerning our salvation.

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