We have oft read the story of Jesus visiting the home of Mary and Martha!  You will find it in Luke 10, beginning at verse 38 and continuing through verse 42.

Reading through the Scriptures you become aware of the fact that numerous women often followed and supported the Lord Jesus as He ministered here upon the earth.  Another story in John 12:1 indicates that this was the home of Lazarus, whom He called forth from the grave.

Upon this particular visit, Mary was described as being seated and listening to the words of Jesus.  Martha was somewhat upset by this, even to the point of presenting her frustration to the Lord.  I cannot help but notice that Martha welcomed Him to their home.  I am not certain why she did this, seemingly alone.  Mary felt quite comfortable to let Martha prepare things as she sat at the feet of the Savior, listening. 

Mary is not involved in the preparations, and is obviously content with just “listening”.   The majority of us would be caught up in the preparations, just as Martha did.   You, like so many of us, can get caught up in side issues and be missing on the things that should be of priority.  Side tracked is what it is called!  Being the “perfect host/hostess” can become more important than sitting and listening to the Savior.  I would hate to tell you of how many times I have digressed to secondary things and lost sight of the important.

Have you ever been lovingly rebuked by the Holy Spirit of God for digressing? When He has said in effect: “Get with it!  You are in the wrong place!  You need spiritual refreshment, you need more time in the Scriptures!”

You are enveloped in worry and you are bothered in so many ways, but Mary “has chosen the good part, which shall not be taken away from her.”  Keeping our priorities in order and submitting ourselves to the leadership of the Holy Spirit is the “good part, which shall not be taken away from her.”

Hopefully, we shall not sell ourselves short!

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