The Book of Exodus is just as the name suggests with the story of the Israelites being sent a man, Moses, to lead them from slavery to freedom.  From the very outset you gather the “incidents” that culminate in his leadership.  He has a couple of assistants in the likes of Aaron the Levite, and Joshua, in particular.  It is essential that we remember that he gets instructions directly from God.

Of course, Moses does not feel qualified for the position to which God assigned him.  God showed him that he was a mouthpiece thru the observance he had of the burning bush.  God impressed upon him the need of the Israelites. (Exodus 3:7) “I have surely seen the affliction of My people who are in Egypt, and have given heed to their cry because of their taskmasters, for I am aware of their sufferings.”  Four hundred thirty years had marked their journey into Egypt, and the welcomed reception they were given when Joseph was serving under Pharaoh had turned into slavery and oppression.

As God gives Moses instructions, Moses has a ready retort with a multitude of reasons someone else would be more qualified than he.  I lack the ability to speak to our people; (3:11) I am not fit for such a responsibility; (4:1) I might be challenged as to my authority. (4:1) My speech lacks eloquence and power. (4:10) And finally he hears God say, in effect, I will send you and empower you until there is recognition: “This is the finger of God.” (8:19)

There are oodles of thought throughout the Exodus journey, but we have sought to focus only on the fact that God sends us on assignments and empowers us to accomplish them, and they cannot be duplicated by the magicians. (8:18) I am far from being alone on this thought!

Perhaps you have staggered at an assignment, like that of testifying directly to an individual about their need of Christ as Savior; maybe as simple as visiting someone and praying with them over a need in their life; mental, medical, shut in, or something that appears to be too big “for little me”.  During the Covid 19 pandemic is an ideal time to accept our challenge.  Remember, Moses obeyed and led Israel for forty years faithfully; he looked and saw the Promised Land, but Joshua had to finish the job.  Both found satisfaction in obedience!  

When one seeks direction from the Lord, and when that individual recognizes that God can enable them to perform His assignment, be it above and beyond something they envision as possible, He will provide!   Someone said, a mighty long time ago, “You and God make a majority!”

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