You probably read it, just like many others.  President Obama’s step brother accused him of being a “narcissist”.  I have no intention of engaging in discussion on that apparent “family feud”. 

Sometime ago I was reading in Galatians 6, when a thought along those lines entered my brain; it dealt with a thought concerning a brother in the Lord caught in a “trespass”.  The more spiritual brother should “restore such a one in the spirit of gentleness.”  A Christian, dealing with another Christian brother, has no business in kicking him while he is down; he should be in the restoration business, and gentleness should prevail.  He is also assigned the obligation of “bearing one another’s burden.” (v2)

So far, so good!  Now comes an additional warning. “For if anyone thinks he is something when he is nothing, he deceives himself.”  It is obvious that there is the element of narcissism imbedded in his thinking, because he obviously must have been singing his own praises, “How great I am!”  That type of unfortunate conduct becomes detrimental to a congregation of believers in short order.

If one is engaged in assisting a fallen brother, the element of boasting is repulsive!  He is told to recognize this, and to realize that such activity leaves him in a situation where he is only patting himself on the back.  That element of self-love will break your arm, and the trust that one had in you is negated.  We are to honor our trust!

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