It is not unusual for children to acquire the idea of partiality at a very young age.  After all, they are surrounded with an audience of “important people” from the earliest remembrances of childhood.  Our news media, with all of its preponderance of ideas about “celebrities” and their life styles, can create an aura of duplicity that can be achieved with the end result of “high style” and financial achievements.  I must inject that we see it in little ones who show preferences of who gives them attention to satisfy them in a group of family members.

Even the early church had a problem in this area.  James the apostle addressed it when he spoke of those who, when entering the church, were quickly observed who they were and what they wore, and then seated them accordingly.  He spoke to the seating arrangement as being completely out of order inasmuch as the “ushers” of that era were prone to place people of “notoriety” in the more prominent positions. (James 2:14-26)  One church that I attended made it quite clear that certain people had purchased a particular pew. 

In observing the “preferred posture” of certain people in the church, I have noticed that some make choices on where they hear best, where the heat or Air Conditioner satisfies their comfort; and some even find “the family pew”.

The Scripture makes it clear that we “brought nothing into the world so we cannot take anything out of it either.  One young lady, responsible for her uncle’s funeral arrangement, asked if she could put her uncle’s fishing pole in the casket as it was “a love of his life.”  Naturally I would not object but have often wondered what I might find in other caskets if I were to dig them up.  I have noticed at funerals that the casket is as far to the front as some people will ever get.

My friends, we are enjoined not to show partiality when we are in the work of the Lord.  Basically, NONE of us is more important than another!  There are a few options as relating to the sick, the needy, the widows, but certainly not to someone who shows their robes of financial affluence.

We have so grossly equated prominence, financial successes, sports personalities, political accomplishments, and the list goes on (no matter how it was achieved), and dozens of other categorized successes, to the point that unless you reach one of these you are a nobody.  Shame on us!

James in his Epistle makes it clear. (Reference above) Brethren, these things should not be, and especially among God’s people.

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