In our earliest childhood we experienced the toughest of times!  I have no regret that was the case; we recognized only that this was our fortune and misfortune. Some would have us believe it was only the latter.  

One thing we acquired from someone who was “moving up” from our status to a newer one was an old four burner kerosene stove, and it even had an oven that you could seat on the burners and bake items. 

As well as being a great seamstress, Mom could whip a meal together in short order.  As for salads, there was always the ability to put together something that would more than suffice on the spur of a moment; and she never ran out of ideas.

There was one problem that seemed to elude her; it was called “baking”.  It was not all her fault, because in Bermuda we had to fight high humidity.  When it was at its peak, it was virtually impossible to keep yeast for long. Those little square blocks would lose their ability to function properly and the bread and rolls would almost always come out of the old kerosene oven, close to looking like a pancake.  Some of you might well remember those days.  I had to keep telling myself that even though the slices of bread were quite a bit smaller, they still had the same nutrients.

Where am I going with this?  “A little leaven leavens the whole lump of dough.” (Galatians 5:9)  Throughout the Scriptures you will find references to leaven.  When it is at its “peak” and working properly, it permeates the dough and causes it to rise, and after baking and buttered…  WOW!!

Because of its nature, it is also used in the Scriptures with the ability to permeate every last ounce of bread.  When looking at its negative qualities, we see how sin can enter a person’s life and gradually destroy the testimony that should radiate the joy of the believer’s faith in Christ.  It is also used to teach the necessity of cleaning out every iota of sin, or it will permeate and become destructive.  One of the accompaniments of instructions to the children of Israel as they prepared for the Passover in Exodus 12:15, is that they should remove every indication of leaven.

God wants every visage of sin removed or it will become destructive to your life and mine!

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