Even I can remember when Christmas was a Holy Day – Not just another Holiday. Remember when the majority of Christmas Carols where related to the birth of Christ instead of the majority being related to another break in the calendar.

Can you recall when an emphasis was on the Savior of the world, Jesus Christ, as over against presents, Christmas trees, Christmas lights, food in abundance, and indulgence of every kind and nature.

Something went wrong! It did so in a major fashion!

The business world squeezed out the spiritual world and we are but a shadow of what was once dominant. I hate to admit it, but our secularization is now the dominant factor. I can only imagine what is taking place in the minds of many as they read what I have written. If it crosses swords with people, even this old codger, it needs to be spoken.

We “graduated” in our thinking! We extended Christmas in two directions and in the process ended up with something that is a mish-mash of all levels of sports activities… football, basketball, soccer, vacations, Hanukah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, and no matter what I miss, I am up for criticism…oops I forgot to mention “Impeachment day”…

It is time for us to wake to our dilemma. Like our National Budget, while we think that we are becoming ingenious in dealing with it, a pay day is ahead. Our spiritual hey-day is around the corner.

Let us get back to some Holy Days and not so many holidays.

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