It was just over twenty of us that had gathered under hushed conditions in the Garden where many of us believe the body of Jesus had been entombed. We knew that there are those who disagree with us; it made little difference as we reflected on the One who represented us on Calvary.

We took the bread and the cup in obedience to Jesus command that we “do this in remembrance of me”; there was not a dry eye. That was thirty plus years ago, but it is just as real today as then.

One does a little extra reflection this time of the year. Sad to say, it is not always celebrated in the manner it should be. We are more prone to think of “us” than of HIM! He is the reason that these days are placed on our calendars, but I dare say that there are comparatively few who will shed a tear of reflection or break the bread and drink the cup in remembrance of HIM.

Friend, I challenge you to think upon HIS death…a horrible demonstration of how corrupt the thinking of people can be. What love for the unlovely and unlovable!

Think about HIS resurrection! The grave sealed with hatred and emptied by LIFE HIMSELF!


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